We’ve been providing Cleveland SEO Services & Digital Marketing for Cleveland area small businesses for over 15 years. Our proven process will increase visibility for your Northeast OH business through better rankings from a better search marketing strategy.

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Who We Are

Your Local Cleveland Small Business SEO Experts

Since 2000, Arkham SEO has provided Cleveland SEO Services and Digital Marketing strategies for Northeast Ohio and Greater Cleveland area small businesses, as well as servicing partner agencies with Google Certified paid search campaign management and website optimization services. We offer data-driven Search Engine OptimizationDigital Marketing, and Paid Search/SEM campaigns that will produce results.

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Arkham SEO helps Cleveland area small businesses rank on Google

What We Do

We Help Local Cleveland Small Business Owners & Partner Agencies Get The Most Out Of Their Websites

The Internet world has changed dramatically since we began offering our SEO services sixteen years ago. Luckily, we have adapted with the times. If your website doesn’t appear in search engine results (or is buried somewhere deep on the 10th page), we can fix that. If your competitors continually and consistently outrank you in search results and online presence, we can correct that. If you’re a small agency looking to expand upon your B2B/B2C capabilities, we’d love to partner with you! Our Cleveland SEO experts can perform Technical & Accessibility Audits (aligned with Google’s best practices and algorithm factors), Keyword / Ranking Assessments, and Competitor Analysis to give you the standout edge you crave

Technical & Accessibility Audits

There are more than 200 factors that comprise Google’s algorithm, we follow Google’s best practice guidelines to make sure your website or your client’s website stacks up against industry benchmarks.

Keyword/Ranking Assessments

Are your products and services targeting the right keywords and customers to bring the most qualified traffic to you or your client’s website?

Competitor Analysis

There are a number of items that may be missing from your current search engine optimization strategy that might prevent your website or your client’s website from showing up alongside the competition.

How We Do It

We Take An Integrated Marketing Approach To Driving Quality Traffic To Websites

If you want to stand out online, your website content (i.e. language, etc.) must be as relevant as possible to what your users are searching for. Think of your website content like an academic term paper. In a research paper, if you employ clear language, discuss information with detail, and use quality sources, then your professor will be pleased, and you will receive a good grade because your content aligned with what your teacher wanted. Likewise, if your website content aligns with what Google would like to see, then you will receive a good grade in regard to search engine output. So, in any proposed SEO implementation, we may include the following services to help support your site or that of your clients’:

  • Digital marketing strategy – providing a holistic approach to getting in front of quality leads
  • Content creation & syndication – getting your content out there to the right people
  • Social strategy – making sure that you’re visible to your users & the sites they interact with most frequently
  • Email strategy – maintaining regular communication with your users is important for helping maintain relationships & growing your business
  • Paid search – putting together a series of paid ads to help reinforce your brand/messaging/product sales/promotions through Adwords, Bing, Facebook or other networks
  • Local SEO – capitalizing on your target market (most people look for services or shop within 35 miles of where they live)
Arkham SEO - Cleveland SEO services

Everyone wants to stand out.

Not everyone IS a standout.

The online world continues to evolve, and if you hope to distinguish yourself from the cliché, the droll, and the overdone, you need to be more. Being “different” can no longer prevent you from being lost in an overwhelming sea of familiarity and clutter. If you expect to be found, you need exposure.

Cleveland SEO Services from Cleveland SEO Experts—and we can help you stand out online. What makes Arkham SEO and their search marketing experts standout from the rest? Is it our 16-plus years of experience? Nah. After all, experience is no guarantor of success. Perhaps it’s our diverse kaleidoscope of satisfied clients and their testimonials…? No, no. It’s more than that.

What truly makes us the standout entity in Cleveland is our transparency. We aren’t afraid of “show-and-tell.” We aren’t intimidated by letting our clients see the website optimization process as we work with them to provide custom business solutions.

For many organizations, embarking on a SEO journey can be a daunting trek. Not with us. We believe that the technical side of what we do doesn’t need to be that technical. We will show you how we will increase online visibility and help you climb the search engine results ladder.

At Arkham SEO, do more than just create successful data-driven Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search campaigns. We create trust. We create dreams. We create standouts….

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to working with you ~ Arkham SEO



“Whether you’re looking for an agency partner to handle rebuilding your website, a logo or just someone to bounce ideas off of over the weekend or when something strikes you at a tradeshow, the Arkham team have been our go-to/bail us out marketing team for the past 5 years. Starting your own business can be rough, you think you have all the answers but when you don’t, what do you? For us, it’s simple, pick up the phone & call Arkham SEO… someone was always willing & able to help!” – J.S., North Star Builders, LLC