About Our Cleveland Search Marketing Services

We’ve been providing Cleveland SEO, digital marketing, search engine and website optimization services for Cleveland area small businesses for over 15 years!

What’s with the name Arkham SEO?

Good question! We grew up reading comics and while we can debate which “universe” has the better cast of characters, one thing is certain, the antagonists were far more entertaining. So “Arkham” is a nod to those anti-heroes who never seemed to run short on creativity, ideas, strategies or plans. If they had been as focused on ROI as much as we are, those comics may have taken a very different, strategic direction.

Well, if you didn’t know that Superman was created here in Cleveland as well as a number of other comic pursuits, no we’re not talking about the Browns. A lot of local guys like Harvey Pekar have kept the Cleveland comic train chugging along. With Wizard World’s Comic Con making a return to Cleveland, comics are here to stay.

“But we’re not making a comic book, we need help optimizing our website!”

Of course, the point we were trying to convey is that Cleveland is a hotbed for creative talent. At our Cleveland SEO firm alone, everyone working on your SEO strategy, website redesign or marketing campaigns enjoys truly artistic pursuits outside of Arkham SEO. We have artists, illustrators, one guy who has been hacking at the same stump for over 5 years trying to bring his idea to life. So while we’re working hard on client work, we’re always looking for things that inspire us to bring new ideas into the office.